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Silambarasan reveals Superstar secret

Many of us apperceive Silambarasan has afflicted his appellation afresh from ‘Little Superstar’ to ‘Young Superstar’. The amateur has now appear out with an account on the acumen abaft his decision.

“The appellation ‘Little Superstar’ was accustomed to me back I was a adolescent artiste. I am arena hero roles now and completed 25 years in the industry. Moreover I am alike able to absolute films. So my admirers apprenticed me to change the sobriquet,” he says.

Saying that he had paid heed to the appeal of the admirers and afflicted the sobriquet, Silambarasan says his longtime aim is to become the Superstar of Tamil blur industry.

“But I am acquainted that I accept to go a continued way to accomplish it. I am putting my best efforts and hopeful that I would realise the dream in the future,” he says with all hope, besides adulatory his admirers and well-wishers a blessed New Year.